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Washington DC July 4th, 2004 Parade

On July 4th, 2004, MHRO organized 58 Montagnards from North Carolina to participate in the National Independence Day Parade in Washington DC. All of the Montagnard participants proudly displayed their traditional dress. This is the first time after 17 years for the Montagnard Community in the US to share the great joy and privilege of celebrating freedom on America’s Independence Day in Washington, DC.

In the past, the distinct and beautiful culture of the Montagnard people was not known by the world. We felt enveloped by the Vietnamese and there was darkness of ignorance in the minds of foreign people for a very long time. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the government of the United States and the American people for their special kindness, love, and care on providing sanctuary and shelter for the Montagnards in North Carolina. We have enjoyed the real freedom of the American people for ourselves, especially the freedom of religion. The Montagnard American July 4th celebration was a time we celebrated America and our unique culture. Wherever we live and travel, our culture is important.


Anak Cu Chiang” The Traditional Music of the “MontagnardPeople” is the first CD of its kind which features traditional Montagnard musicwith a booklet of songs, rare photographs, historical commentary, and translations of the compositions.

A grant from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to the Vietnam Highlands Assistance Project (VHAP) helped finance the production costs for the recording. Themusic includes lyrics and instrumentals from the five major tribal groups: Bahnar, Jarai, Rhade, Koho, and Mnong.

This CD marks a victory in the cultural preservation of our people whoare in peril of losing our distinctive culture and ethnic identity both in Vietnam and the West. Many of the songs have been composed and performed by talented elders who would have never been able to record such songs in Vietnam at the present time.

Music which is included highlights instrumentals with the “cing“,”dingbuot” “ding nam,” ” trung” and “ding tak ta“, and also includes the very intricate and poetic “Klei Kut, Klei Due” narrative chant among other selections.

We hope this CD will deepen your understanding and appreciation ofMontagnard culture and history. By making a purchase, you are takinga stand in supporting the efforts to preserve our Montagnard Heritage. Thank you.

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The MHRO mission is To promote the rights and cultural heritage of the Montagnard people in Vietnam, the U.S., Europe, Canada, and throughout the world to live in freedom and dignity, sharing one heart and one vision of freedom. MHRO’s Mission includes refugee protection, family unity, advocacy, and Immigration Services to all refugees. More