Defending Human Rights in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

How to Help

MHRO greatly appreciates your involvement and care!  If you would like to support the MHRO Vision and commitment, here are a few ways to make a difference on behalf of the Montagnard people:

  1. Financial support. MHRO gratefully accepts tax deductible donations. This enables us to carry out our critically needed activities of advocacy, immigration and family reunification, services to the elderly, cultural preservation, and our vital research with the “Anak Cu Chiang” legal Framework for Freedom.”
  2. Volunteer.  MHRO welcomes volunteers in Greensboro, Charlotte and Raleigh, NC to assist with refugee resettlement. Some of our resettlement needs are: transporting new arrivals to doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping, court appointments, and social services.  We also appreciate English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring.  We also need help with the translation of immigration documents, cultural preservation materials, and human rights witness statements.Help for our Montagnard Seniors:  A few hours a month can make such a difference for our seniors with transportation to the Senior Center, health appointments, shopping or just stopping by to visit.  It can be lonely and difficult to live in a new culture, especially for older adults.  We welcome volunteers to reach out to Montagnard Seniors!DONATIONSPlease feel free to send your checks or money orders by mail to the following address: Montagnard Human Rights Organization, 1720 Hillsborough Street, LL Two, Raleigh, NC 27605.

    If you would like to designate your gifts to be used for a specific activity, please just note on the corner of your check. We have attached a Donation Pledge Form in PDF file format for your convenience.

    MHRO will provide a written receipt for your tax deductible contribution.


About MHRO

The MHRO mission is To promote the rights and cultural heritage of the Montagnard people in Vietnam, the U.S., Europe, Canada, and throughout the world to live in freedom and dignity, sharing one heart and one vision of freedom. MHRO’s Mission includes refugee protection, family unity, advocacy, and Immigration Services to all refugees. More